Juggling John: Children’s Entertainer for Northampton

Juggling John Magic Party

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Northampton’s well known entertainer Juggling John has loved performing at The Holy Sepulchre Church, Lewis Hall, and numerous other venues.

Juggling John at Gloucester Nursery  in Northampton
Juggling John at Gloucester Nursery, Northampton

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He’s not just any Northampton children’s entertainer but one who customises his shows specifically for the audience’s age. His diverse acts from magic to circus are always a hit. Ensuring safety, he’s police verified, insured, and an Equity member.

Orlando Bloom
“Awesome – great hands, man!” – Orlando Bloom is amazed by Juggling John

His experience makes him adept at catering to any children’s party. And for broader Northampton events? Juggling John never fails to impress, whether it’s at a church fete, a school fair, a street party or a large family celebration.

Juggling John – children’s entertainer for Northampton

ITN's Nina Hossain
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