Juggling John: Children’s Entertainer for North London

Juggling John Magic Party
Children's entertainer for North London

Juggling John, well established in the North London entertainment scene, finds his fulfillment in captivating audiences. Previous past events and parties at St Mary’s Horney Rise, Finchley Golf Club, and various other venues keep his passion for performing alive and well.

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Juggling John at St Marys Hornsey Rise Islington in North London
Juggling John at St Mary’s Hornsey Rise, Islington, North London

As a celebrated children’s entertainer within North London, Juggling John offers a diverse spectrum of shows tailored for various age groups. His acts encompass juggling, magic, clowning, and circus performances, adding an element of magic to your child’s party. He’s undergone police clearance, carries insurance, and is an active Equity member.

Orlando Bloom
“Awesome – great hands, man!” – Orlando Bloom is amazed by Juggling John

With many years of experience in children’s parties, Juggling John has encountered nearly every scenario involving young birthday party attendees. This expertise enables him to cultivate each performance to match the right level for your specific age range.

He’s equally skilled at captivating diverse crowds at events like street parties, church fetes, school fairs, and grand family celebrations. A dedicated children’s entertainer, Juggling John ensures an unforgettable experience for your North London event or party!

ITN's Nina Hossain
Doing advance publicity with ITN’s Nina Hossain and Julian Huppert MP for the 2014 Parliamentary Pancake Race.

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