Childrens Entertainer
Juggling John

Member of
The Magic Circle

Member of Equity

Unique Amongst Childrens Entertainers:
Juggling John - Magic & Circus
Entertainer for South Africa

Juggling John Children's entertainers

Premier family entertainer
for 3-100 year olds!

Over 3,500 children's parties to date!

Juggling John is a children's birthday party entertainer for South Africa, a children's party magician and birthday party clown, a juggler, jester and more.

"Fantastic!" Jasper Conran

"Yeah, very good ...." Jack Dee

Juggling John can come to your own special online party featuring his amazing Zoom Magic and Circus show. The show will come from John's home in Oxford, United Kingdom and will be in English with a British accent.

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