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Nursery Circus Skills Workshops & Shows

All the Fun of the Circus!

Juggling John offers a highly successful programme for nursery and early years children.

A half day would be one session and a full day would be two sessions, ideal if you have a different group of children in the morning and the afternoon.

Each session (3 hours) -
30 minutes stiltwalking while the children and parents are coming in/ going home
2 shows for 2 different groups of children - 15/20 mins each show
Circus skills sessions for 3 groups of children - 20 mins each

Demonstrating and having a go at juggling bean bags and scarves
Demonstrating and trying spinning plates

Why circus skills?

To develop team work, achieve new skills, improve co-ordination and communication skills, skill sharing, confidence building and for those pupils who benefit from hands on and kinaesthetic learning And mainly because it is fun and brings some colour and excitement into school!

It's official! Juggling is good for the brain!

A report found that
Brain scans of volunteers showed that throwing balls in the air alters the brain in the regions that process visual information. The imaging scans revealed an increase in grey matter
German research reported nationally January 04 - quote from AOL news

How much do they cost?

Please contact us for a quote for you particular situation.

Juggling John also provides fantastic entertainment for school fairs and parties - please tell your PTA!