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Juggling John

Member of
The Magic Circle

Member of Equity

Juggling John - Magic & Circus Entertainer for Chipping Norton

Juggling John Children's entertainers

Premier family entertainer for 3-100 year olds in Chipping Norton!

Over 3,500 children's parties to date!

Juggling John is a children's party magician for Chipping Norton, a juggler, jester and more. Please explore the site by clicking the links on the left.

"Fantastic!" Jasper Conran

"Yeah, very good ...." Jack Dee

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Chipping Norton children's magician Juggling John provides a variety of different shows and performance styles tailored for different age groups. He brings magic and circus to your children's party. He is fully police checked and insured and is a member of Equity.

Because of his huge experience as a children's party magician there is very little that Juggling John has not come across in terms of children's party guests. He is thus able to to tailor each show to the right level for your particular age group. He is also particularly adept at performing to a multi-generational crowd at events such as street parties, church fetes, school fairs, big family celebration parties and the like. He is an all-round entertainer!

Juggling John - children's magician for Chipping Norton

Juggling John Children's entertainers
Doing advance publicity with ITN's Nina Hossain and Julian Huppert MP for the 2014 Parliamenary Pancake Race.

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