Childrens Entertainer
Juggling John

Member of
The Magic Circle

Member of Equity

Unique Amongst Childrens Entertainers:
Juggling John - Magic & Circus
Entertainer for Oxfordshire

Juggling John Children's entertainers

Premier family entertainer
for 3-100 year olds!

Over 3,500 children's parties to date!

Juggling John is a children's birthday party entertainer for Oxfordshire, a children's party magician and birthday party clown, a juggler, jester and more.

"Fantastic!" Jasper Conran

"Yeah, very good ...." Jack Dee

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Oxfordshire children's entertainer Juggling John provides a variety of different shows and performance styles tailored for different age groups.

As a children's entertainer Juggling John brings juggling, magic, clown and circus to your children's birthday party or event. He is fully police checked and insured and is a member of Equity.

Juggling John - children's entertainer for Oxfordshire




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