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Juggling John

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The Magic Circle

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Juggling John - Children's Entertainer for 3-4 year olds

Juggling John provides entertainment for a huge range of events and for all age groups. He is a specialist in childrens parties. Because he is aware that different things appeal to different age groups he has adapted his party packages accordingly.

Most 3-4 year olds are at the stage where they get really excited about going to parties, and then get a bit nervous when they arrive! More often than not a parent or carer will need to stay with them, at least for the beginning, and they will probably watch the first bit whilst clinging to a comforting leg.

After a while they warm up and get totally involved with everyone else. Bearing this in mind, John has developed his 3-4 year old parties to start gently so that the children can get used to him and get to know him. As they begin to warm up, he introduces slapstick and silliness which they just love. Then there follows puppets, juggling and magic. By the end of the party they are all totally involved and buzzing.

At this age John tends to leave out the dangerous sword and fire tricks, but some parents and their 4 year olds insist on a bit of fire juggling at the end! Other parents are horrified at the idea. It all depends on your child's experience and temperament. John is very flexible and is happy to accomodate your preferences.

Two hours is the ideal length of time for a kids' party. Think very carefully if you are thinking do doing anything longer than that. Juggling John has a range of options for 3-4 year olds designed to fit into a 2 hour time slot:

Juggling John's parties have 3 elements which can be combined to make 4 different party packages. The elements are:

The possible combinations are:

Juggling John is fully police checked, a member of Equity and has full public liability insurance.